TALION is an investment group and a multi-business enterprise with service offerings through distinct business divisions which include Investment Management, Real Estate, Energy Trading, Equipment Leasing, Chemicals, Industrial Supplies & Mineral(s), Marketing & Distribution, Entertainment, Trading & delivery of Commodities, Infrastructure and Hospitality.

The group also engages in Corporate Restructuring, Acquisitions and Strategic investments in stocks and bonds.

Why Choose Us

INTEGRITY – we have strong moral principles
TEAM WORK – we combined efforts, to achieve a common goal
EXCELLENCE – we have the quality of being outstanding and extremely good


TALION Group operates through the following subsidiaries:

Partners and Referrals

The TALION Group works with individuals and professionals across various industries, markets and practice areas. We offer referral fees for those who assist us in getting LPOs and contracts and reciprocate by referring business back to our loyal sources.</p> <p>Partner with us today and lets add value to each other. We are open minded, moral and forthright.
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