Talion Infrastructure

Designing, developing and delivering infrastructure is a key area of specialty for the Talion Group. We provide reliable, high quality solutions for comprehensive project delivery of key infrastructure projects particularly transport and parking infrastructure.

We also work with public and private sector organisations to design, build and optimise their property and infrastructure assets.

From thought to finish, we apply our combined expertise to achieve more from the entire built environment.

We provide a unique blend of services and expertise, working with our clients to transform and modernise their businesses, combining our experience in the built environment, infrastructure and management with ICT, business process re-engineering and outsourcing solutions to reduce costs and enhance services.


Talion Infrastucture is  division of the Talion Group

Delivering your projects

We help our clients to deliver some of the most challenging and complex public and private sector projects in recent years. We are typically involved throughout the whole project lifecycle, from early planning to final occupation.

Designing the built environment

We are a multidisciplinary, integrated design and management consultancy offering everything from urban design, planning, environmental impact assessment and engineering to master planning, architecture, interior design, workplace strategy and space planning.

Driving development and regeneration

We support regeneration and development initiatives with a broad range of consultancy and agency services that take projects from concept to completion. We can assist you with the creation of new communities and the transformation of existing ones.

Engineering your infrastructure, transport and utilities

We design major civil engineering schemes and deliver world class infrastructure – everything from traditional utilities and industrial projects to transport solutions for the urban environment.

Working in strategic partnership to transform your business

We can work in long-term partnership with you to deliver savings, generate income and improve services to end users through the transfer of staff, budgets and responsibility.



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